Prague Castle

The history of the castle stretches back to the 9th century (870). The first walled building was the church of Our Lady.

Staying at the Prague Castle hotel has an unusual atmosphere of the old medieval palaces, therefore it is suitable for lovers of quiet environment close to the historical attractions.

Prague Castle is possibly the most important Czech Castle (originaly early-mediavely fortification), standing on the edge of the narrow of River Vltava (Moldava). It has been used since 9th century of czech regents, kings and in 1918 became as home of Czech President. Twice in the history, Prague became as Capital city of the Holy Rome Empire.

In continues development since fortification in 9th Century, Prague Castle became as actual Guiness Book largest castle complex int he world. Its a symbol of Prague and Czech Republic.

Part of the complex is St. Vitus Cathedrale, traditional place of Czech Crown coronations, incl. four emperors, prague bishops, and all important social titels of medieval society. Many of the ancient kings and rulers of the country are burried there. Prague Castle is also a tresor for Czech Coronation Jewels.

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