Legal Notice

General Terms and Conditions

Accommodation Rules

1. Each accommodated person is obliged to check-in at the hotel reception and identify himself
/ herself in a credible way introducing at least his / her surname, first name, home address, date
of birth, nationality, a number of an identity card or passport and signature. A client who is in
need of an entry visa for entering the Czech Republic has to prove the validity of the visa. In the
case of not providing all the necessary information the hotel may not accommodate the guest
regardless the reservation and its cancellation policy.

2. An accommodated guest is obliged to pay the price of the reservation and all provided
services latest on the departure date. The clients arriving via a travel agency have to submit a
valid voucher issued by the travel agency.

3. The accommodation and other provided services the guest has to pay at the arrival day cash
or by credit card. When the guest arrives the reception takes a pre-authorization of some money
on the guest credit (debit) card. This pre-authorisation serves as a guarantee of payment of
extra services used by the guest during the stay in the hotel. After payment of all extra charges
on the guest bill this pre-authorization will be cancelled latest at the departure date. Payment via
invoice is possible only if official order is done before arrival and deposit is paid in advance.

4. Persons with contagious diseases or with a suspicion of such an illness cannot be
accommodated in the hotel, as well as persons under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol.

5. Accommodated guests are obliged to adhere to general legal rules and to act in accordance
with good manners.

6. If there is no special agreement the room is provided from 15:00 on the arrival day until 12:00
on the departure day.

7. Services of the reception department are available continuously all day and night at
telephone hotel number 100.

8. Entering and leaving the building of the hotel is possible all day and night for the hotel guests.

9. It is necessary to keep the peace at night in the hotel and its surroundings between 22:00 and
6:00. This is also the time when it is forbidden for guests to take any person to the room if this
person is not a registered guest on the reception.

10. Making fire and handling with an open fire is forbidden in all areas of the hotel. Each guest is
obliged to follow all safety regulations and fire-stopping instructions.

11. For safety reasons it is not allowed to leave the children under 12 without supervision of an
adult person either in the room or in other areas of the hotel. The parents are responsible for the
safety of their children inside the hotel as well as in its surroundings.

12. The presence of dogs in the hotel has to be approved by the reception or reservation
department. Keeping the dog in the hotel room overnight is charged according to the valid

13. In the room, it is not permitted to use own electrical appliances, for example electric kettles.
Only electric shavers, curling irons and battery chargers are allowed to be used in the room.
The guest is liable for using these and is liable for any damage caused by such appliances.

14. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the whole hotel area. The violation of the ban of smoking will
be penalized by 500 Euro fine because of necessity of the special cleaning.

15. All valuables like jewels, watches, money etc. have to be deposited either in the room safe.
The hotel is not liable for any loss of valuables not deposited in the room safe. Valuables stored
in the safe are covered by insurance for the maximum amount of 50 000 CZK.

16. The guests are fully liable for any damages they cause to the hotel property.

17. In reasoned cases after consideration with the guest the hotel may offer the guest another
accommodation than originally ordered. In this case the hotel always consider the new offer not
to be much different than the confirmed

18. Each guest is obliged to follow these accommodation rules. In case of a serious violation of
the rules by the guest the management company of the hotel has the authority to cancel the
contractual relation with the guest without any compensation for him / her.

19. Any guest complaints or suggestions to potential improvement of services is received by the
reception department or the hotel management at any time.

Complaints procedures:

1. These complaints procedures are setting the process of applying official claims for
compensations in case some faults or errors are found on services or products provided by
The King Charles hotel (from now on as “Hotel”) managed by HOTEL U KRÁLE KARLA
MANAGEMENT, s.r.o., Address U dubu 691/48, 147 00 Praha 4.

2. If customer finds a fault on provided product or service a right to claim a reclamation on given
product/service arrises.

3. Reclamation is needed to be claimed without further unnecessary delays so that there is no
chance that some problem with proving the fault appears.

4. Reclamation is claimed in written form or verbally on the Hotel reception. In case of a verbal
claim a Reclamation form is filled out with authorized personnel of the Hotel. Authorized
personnel is a manager of the Hotel which has a daily duty in the moment the claim is
submitted. Only in case a manager is not present it is possible to fill out the form with the Hotel
Receptionist. Reclamation form is completed in two copies, one for the Hotel and the second for
the customer.

5. Based on the reclamation form it will be decided at best right away or up to 3 days about the
settlement of the claim. The longest possible time to settle the reclamation is 30 days.

6. In case a justified reclamation is acknowledged a Hotel provides a removal of faults at no cost
or substitute service is provided so that everything is according to original order. In case this is
not possible an adequate compensation for product or service is applied.

7. Information about compensation is filled into the Reclamation form drafted by an authorized
personnel of the Hotel.

Consumer protection:

Prior to the conclusion of the accommodation contract, we are herewith providing you with all
the mandatory information pursuant to provisions § 1811 and § 1820 of the Act No. 89/2012
Coll., Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as “Civil Code”). Savic Hotel Prague, as
the accommodation provider, is providing the accommodated guests with the following pieces of
a) accommodation provider ́s identity and contact data: HOTEL U KRÁLE KARLA
MANAGEMENT, s.r.o., IČO: 24192198, based At: U dubu 691/48, Braník, 147 00 Praha 4, DIČ
CZ24192198, a company entered in the Companies Register held with City Court in Prague,
Section C, file 178853, electronic mail address:, telephone number:
+420 257 531 211;

b) accommodation provider ́s main subject of enterprise: rendition of accommodation services;

c) specification of the services: the accommodation provider arranges for accommodation and
for services related to accommodation on behalf of the accommodated guests subject to the
terms and conditions stipulated in a written accommodation contract;

d) price of the provided service: the total price of the services rendered is _______ This price
includes any and all additional taxes and charges;

e) method of payment and method of performance: the accommodated guest shall provide all
payments agreed in the accommodation contract in cash or through a noncash transaction
crediting the accommodation provider’s bank account whose number and variable symbol will
be communicated to the accommodated guest by the accommodation provider in writing;

f) cost of remote communication: the costs associated with any means of remote communication
shall be determined by the entities providing services employing such remote communication
means and these costs shall not differ from their standard rates;

g) data concerning the existence, methods and conditions governing out-of-court settlements of
consumer complaints, inclusive of the information on whether it is possible to seek assistance
from a supervisory body: The accommodated guest shall have the right to file a motion for
out-of-court settlement of the dispute with the designated entity in charge of out-of-court
consumer dispute settlements, which is:
The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA)
Central Inspectorate – ADR Department
Štěpánská 15
120 00 Praha 2

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority is a supervisory body monitoring consumer protection,
acting in pursuance of Act No. 64/1986 Coll., The Czech Trade Inspection Authority Act as
amended, and additional legal regulations. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority ́s website is

h) In conformity with the provision § 1837 item j) of Civil Code, no right of withdrawal from the
accommodation contract shall arise for the accommodated persons as consumers as long as
the accommodation facility provides the contractual performances within the designated

i) identification of the European Union member state or member states whose legal regulations
will be governing the relationship between the accommodated guest and the accommodation
provider which has been established through the accommodation contract: Czech Republic.

j) information concerning the language to be used by the accommodated guest in negotiating
with the accommodation provider along the contract duration and in which the contract terms
and conditions and additional data will be communicated to the accommodated guests: Czech


Best available rate prices and prices of all other services are available at the reception or on the
hotel web pages
Legal relationships expressly untreated by these accommodation rules are driven by laws,
regulations and government orders published in the Collection of Laws of the Czech Republic.
Last edit: 01.01.2018

Petra Husenicová
Hotel Director
Hotel The King Charles